Professional Services 

Professional services

Although focusing on Content Management solutions, RCDM Solutions has a wide range of expertise for providing professional services to our customers.

Services comprise of:
  • CMS Implementation
  • CMS Development
  • CMS Architecturing and consultancy
  • Content Migrations
  • Test and release management
  • Application maintenance support

 Services for solutions are provided for a wide range of products and tools.

  • Interwoven (Autonomy) - TeamSite, LifeSite, OpenDeploy, Metatagger
  • Tridion R5
  • Joomla
  • Hippo
  • Kapow

Based in the Netherlands, professional services are performed on-site throughout Europe.

For small businesses we provide assistance to select the right CMS and hosting provider, plan, implement and train your employees to come to a successful CMS supported web presence implementation.

Home Automation SolutionsHome Automation

Enhance your home living experience is the philosophy behind the solutions provided by RCDM Solutions.

Integrating light and temperature control with data, media and communication systems.

Integration of different vendor products or custom developed solutions.

Using multi vendor solutions to by-pass solution limitations we provide solutions for:

  • Light and temprature control
  • LED Lighting solutions
  • Data/Content storage and sharing
  • Home Audio/Video distribution
  • Remote Home Control