Interwoven acquired by Autonomy

On January 21, 2009, Interwoven entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Autonomy.

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A Shared Vision 

This acquisition brings together two quality, high-performing software companies who share a vision to improve the way organizations understand and interact with information.The combined company will have more than 2,000 employees and 20,000 customers.
To enable Interwoven customers to continue existing and planned deployments without disruption, Autonomy has announced that it will support and develop the entire family of Interwoven products in line with all currently published Interwoven roadmaps. This commitment extends across all Interwoven product lines:

  • Web Solutions product suite (Interwoven TeamSite, Optimost, MediaBin, LiveSite, MetaTagger, OpenDeploy and ControlHub)
  • PSIS product suite (Interwoven WorkSite, Universal Search, Records Manager)
  • Global Capital Markets product suite (Interwoven EnConnect and Scrittura platform).

  • The combination of Autonomy’s flagship product IDOL (with its ability to extract meaning from content in whatever form it takes) with Interwoven's suite of products (which focuses on managing the interactions of people and content) will quickly create a new set of technologies that will extend all of Interwoven’s core market offerings for driving online business performance and firm productivity and growth. We look forward to keeping you updated on this exciting combination.

    About Autonomy
    Autonomy is a publicly-listed company with $3B market capitalization with dual headquarters in Cambridge, UK and San Francisco, California. Autonomy is known for its unique ability to understand the meaning of all types of human-friendly information including emails, instant messages, electronic documents, web pages, social networks, audio and video.

    Autonomy is a top-performing global software company with a sterling reputation for growth and profitability. Additionally, Autonomy has a world-class reputation for innovation and expenditure in Research & Development. Autonomy’s clients represent the top end of the market across all sectors including: financial services (JP Morgan, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds TSB), legal (Clifford Chance, Deloitte, Huron), technology (McAfee, Symantec, Xerox), and intelligence/defense (BAE Systems, multiple US intelligence agencies, US DEA, and the European Commission).
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