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Illumisound website release

IllumisoundILLUMISOUND is the develloper and manufacturer of energy saving light solution for the commercial sector.

LEDVolution product site implemented

RCDM Solutions has finished implementation of the LEDVolution product website of IllumisoundLEDVolution


Professional CMS SolutionsContent and Document Management

The Professional services division of RCDM Solutions has specialized in providing Content and Document Management solutions.

On an enterprise level RCDM Solutions provides consultancy services for mainstream Content Managment solutions like the Interwoven's Content management suite. As consultancy service provider, RCDM Solutions has participated on Enterprise Content Management projects for some of Europe's leading multinationals.

For small and medium businesses, RCDM Solutions provides Content Management solutions based on a selection of opensource or commercial products.

Home ManagementConnect Home Automation

The Domotica division of RCDM Solutions focuses on development, solution design and reselling of home automation products.

Enhance your home living experience

Using Remote Light switching or dimming, temperature control, automatic shutter control, lighting schemas and more, in combination with home content (documents) and media (pictures/audio/movie) sharing and distribution solutions and LED lighting packages.